Little bridges

Building a bridge is an act of civilisation. Opening up new lands; connecting disconnected peoples; aiding trade; spreading language; sharing cultures, ameliorating war and destruction. Glorious bridges are celebrated: Tower Bridge; London Bridge; the Millennium Bridge, Sydney Harbour Bridge; Golden Gate; Brooklyn Bridge, Prague’s Charles Bridge. The Ponte Vecchio, The Bridge of Sighs. Mostar’s Stari Most, now rebuilt after the Balkan conflicts. France’s Millau Viaduct. Suspension Bridges: Brunel’s Clifton Suspension Bridge or Stephenson’s Menai Straits Bridge. The bridge over the Bosphorous in Istanbul, or the Pont Neuf in Paris. Yet all around us are smaller bridges, smaller acts of civilisation. Connecting one family with another; allowing the cattle to cross with dry hooves not plunge through a ford. Opening up a new snicket between two fields or a new road to a new estate. The little bridges are underfoot us all but hidden. Here, a quiet celebration IMG_2911 IMG_3032 IMG_3022

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